A political blog

This is the political part of two data-political blogs, where one is covering political aspects and the other is covering the data aspects.


For example, Iā€™d write about the implications of the chaotic electoral system in the U.S. and could talk about political implications - gerrymandering, misrepresentation of the popular vote - on this blog while talking about data aspects - how to calculate the impact and plot gerrymandered districts or how would the senate look like with a different electoral system - on my data blog.

As for me:

Due to the global rise of right-wing parties in 2018, I felt the need to write something. I am a Physics/Machine learning Ph.D. student at the Max-Born-Institute Berlin and an engineer at tiplu.

As for my hobbies, I am a musician, writer, runner and reader. I am a very political person and a nerd and try to combine these two properties for this blog.

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